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and tobacco to excess but that of late he had smoked
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Diagnosis of Diseases of the Nasal Cavities. By E. Cresswen
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from the time of his graduation from the LTniversity
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scapula at the same time saying to the patient that he
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the iris is more frequent after this operation than
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ble may be obtained on Tuesday and Wednesday during the
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afflicted city I feel that I can add nothing to the picture
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Hydrophobia. The attitude of legal medicine toward hydropho
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The death rates ranged from. il in Birkenhead to. in
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disease starts in the ovary. I regard most of these
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pains of continuous pain which is worse at night a pro
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slightest effect salutary or deleterious upon any one
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as the result of old age. To each one of these condi
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subserving muscular action as well as animal caloritication and
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was the seat of an abscess in three cases the haemor
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had glaucoma with irregular hemiopic delect irst in
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Transactions of the Louisiana State Medical Society at its
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eneri ies and he has not been able therefore in the
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ciated with albuminous urine is nearly always favor
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the collapsed sac witji the nervous structures intact be
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the welfare of the race is its great purpose. there
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dermic injection of ergotin at once administered.
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Tlie death rates ranged from. in Halifax to. in Leices
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equally strong in all his parts lives out his appointed
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diet which must be varied to correspond to the differ
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incision through the hymen and washing out the cav
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but slight pain and a moderate tym ianite. The nilse
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vision all idiots are both irresponsible and incapable
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fully developed organism the question of its value for
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