if attending circumstances are carefully considered
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at A. M. tho child was put to the breast and sucked
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Elements of the Comparative. natoniy of Vertebrates. Adap
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in which there was some reason to believe that the sen
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portion showed a typical alveolar structure the stroma
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with our comparatively perfected instruments we often
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efforts of nature or by appropriate treatment dilatation
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ever are treated in a little different manner in that the
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move aboul keeping order and searching for patients
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ing nutrient mixture which is generally well supported
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be precocious in appearance occurring as early even
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incline to think that the latter cause is the most com
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found in the urine in connection with phthisis pleurisy
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l riate forceps applied with proper skill were recom
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could towards controlling it. At least some intelli
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of facts at our command is not sufficient to give great
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the joints which then present the characteristic appear
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ferential diagnosis may be very difficult or impossible.
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aged fifty six whose great deafness added to a condition
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directly from Siam and the disease described by the
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further visits. The child was later discovered to have
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some Paris green which had been recently obtained by
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service. The burrs can be used with the greatest del
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eased. When the restraint of a hospital becomes irk
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position was not characteristic. The post mortem con
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tuberculosis is by no means a new one yet the general
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tion to its use is its smell. It is claimed that iodol
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shall we find any points except that of combination
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As for the applications of milk to therapeutics they
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the next day so that after two trials it was given up
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patient is discovered in the morning lying quietly on his
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nent is being pierced from various quarters by enthu

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