of rupture. No anaesthetic is needed as the time is

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portions of the body such as the face remain entirely

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throats and ears and reveal their secrets hereafter only

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Bryant J.I. What are the diagnostic signs of the involvenient of

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mentation. If Dr. Donaldson will give me the pleasure

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shelter them and now that the alarm is subsiding and

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tection to the exposed surfaces but this eschar will

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Instead of quoting the opinions of oculists on this

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say the examination is the same for the holders of all

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curiosity its privacy is invaded by neoplastic intru

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tliose wlio believe that large doses of iodide of pota.sh

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lesser degrees premature labor with the use of appro

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two. small pox one. From scarlet fever Philadelphia ten New

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lar issued by the State Board some months since for

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the affection. The rogress of healing went on favor

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Intubation of the Larynx as a Substitute for Tracheotomy in

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throws his influence strongly in favor of the supra

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tive it is with dillicultv corrected. Under these cir

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is exercised by certain ganglion cells and groups of

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to replace it when the little girl said I do not want

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is closed with three tine pins passing sufficiently deep

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of the patients dying iu advanced years. The average

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ized movements do not afford the essential requisites

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from the rolls on account of delinquency in payment

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If a patient with a flexible later.al curvature be ex

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marks the Medical Press and Circular of the curious

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Solub. pro injectione Finzelberg. It contains twenty

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the several offices and shops of a man s body by the

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seventh day a few minute.s after having drunk half a

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E.v periments made by Dr. Letheby with this licjuid

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tions except such as are atypical for example gastro

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lent expectoration dating back to the preceding June.

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various pathological designations but which seemed to

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Health.Association has this year a peculiar significance in

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the mesentery in the entire region behind and below

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The haemorrhage was controlled by stuffing a sponge

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not only add considerably to the hospital accommoda

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